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Amazing deal from a wedding photographer in Gothenburg

Are you looking for a wedding photographer? Are you getting married during Spring-Summer 2014 season this year? Great! I’ve got a great deal for you that you can’t resist! I am expanding my business this year and I am looking for three couples that will get my services as a wedding photographer for no charge for one day, your wedding day. ;) To get the deal even yummier you will also get 50 pictures for no charge. In return, you will need to look happy and in love the whole day. ;)  Pretty easy, huh? I open to traveling to your wedding location, especially, if it is Bali, Fiji or New York. ;)

Anyway, give me a call +46.704.186.486 , fill in the form below or send me an email for any details and to make sure that you are among those lucky three!

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By Natasha Olsson